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Recycling and disassembly with Exact Online

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

We have recently announced the new by-products functionality for Exact Online Manufacturing. Though we may think of producing by-products as a marginal activity, others make a living out of this. The functionality is well suited for the recycling industry and in companies that disassemble machines and appliances.

A recycling example

A company that processes used car tires shreds the tires in small pieces and separates the produce into iron wire scrap, nylon scrap and rubber granulate. All these rest materials have a purpose in the supply chain: iron scrap can be sold to steel mills, nylon scrap can be processed to socks and carpets and rubber granulate is used in construction materials and road pavements. This company therefore purchases used tires and produces three streams of rest materials. Of course is provided for the processing cost in the routing. A bill-of-material for this scenario could look like this:


(Click to enlarge)

The shop order with by-products

We have added an icon to the shop order screen ‘Receive by-products’. This will show a receipt screen where the quantities received for by-products can be entered. Alternatively, we may choose to backflush the by-product receipts. If this functionality is applied for the disassembly of machines then it may be of interest that we can record the serial numbers of disassembled machines and received components.


(Click to enlarge)


The by-products will become available in Manufacturing Advanced in April 2015.

More information with Pieter Hamans (pieter.hamans@exact.com).

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