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Innovation news: What’s coming up

Written by Erik Ledeboer on . Posted in Exact Online

The development team here at Exact Cloud Solutions never stops working on new innovations for Exact Online. Why not take a look at some of the projects they are working on right now? Most are expected to be released over the coming months.


Exact Online Accounting

Support of latest SEPA version

As of 1st February 2014 Exact Online supports SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), the new European standard for the payments market. Every year adjustments are made to the schemes (rulebooks), so our development team will make sure that your software always supports the latest version.

Batch payments

We are also adding the capability to work with batch payments. Allowing your bank to deliver bank statements with a single line consisting of several payments. Exact Online will now recognise and match the payments that belong to that line, reducing transaction costs and saving time (this applies to The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg.)

Send and track sales invoices

The single most frequent reason for not paying an invoice on time? “Oh sorry, I don’t think I actually received your invoice.” So another new feature lets you add a direct link to a sales invoice within customer emails. You’ll even be able to see whether or not the customer has viewed it. No more mix-ups. No more excuses. No more delays!

US localization

Latest updates address U.S. specific requirements for sales tax, 1099 reporting for suppliers, and single and batch printing of checks. This means Exact Online accounting software, combined with our industry solutions in Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution and Professional Services, will provide a seamless “all-in-one” solution for the U.S. market.


Exact Online Professional services

Project & Contract Management

We’ve been working hard on a new edition that meets the specific needs of providers who sell services via subscriptions. It will offer a wide range of reports and dashboards, including the ability to project monthly recurring revenue growth and to track lost revenue due to cancellations.

(This new edition will go in Controlled Release in Q1 this year, with General Availability planned for Q3. Interested in joining our controlled release program? Please contact remco.kroes@exact.com.)

Recurring planning (Exact Online Project Management)

This innovation will help you to quickly and easily (re)-schedule recurring activities (for example, an 4-hour activity that is planned for every Monday for next 8 weeks).

New dashboard

A new interactive dashboard will be the starting point for key actions like creating new projects, approving time and leave entries, and generating invoices. It will also display key indicators such as billability, schedule accountability, budget progress, active projects and available capacity – all at a glance.


Exact Online Wholesale Distribution

Material planning

Do you deal with long delivery lead times, high value products or fluctuating demand? So you understand the need to accurately determine what is required, in what quantity and by when. A new innovation for the latest Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium edition (now in Controlled release and planned for General Availability in March) lists forecasts next to actual demand, allowing you to calculate requirements more precisely and optimize stock levels accordingly.


Exact Online Manufacturing

Project integration

A new innovation will help those of you operating in MTO environments to bring together multiple Shop Orders or Sales Orders under a single project, making cost and progress reporting more efficient.


Manufacturers can now produce multiple outputs on a single shop order, especially those of you in sectors where by-products are produced. You will have a section in your Bill of Materials to state your byproducts. The cost of by-products will be retrieved as a (positive) result and adhusted for in costing reports.


Exact Online Accountancy

New dashboard

A new dashboard will facilitate accountants and bookkeepers to better manage their practice in the cloud. It will give insight in both the internal companies as well as linked clients. Next to that it provides information on the quality and notifications. It will allow our users to effortlessly get started on day-to-day tasks and be on top of clients’ questions and advice opportunities.

Enhancing Scan & Recognize

By adding a traffic light system to the booking proposal, a new-look Scan & Recognize boosts efficiency by making it easier to identify repeating invoices (green), more complex invoices incorporating different VAT-codes (orange), and invoices of new creditors (red). It’s even possible to book the identified invoices directly.


These days most scanners come with the option to email documents too. The new Scanmail feature will let you email scanned invoices, receipts and other documents directly into Exact Online, so busy accountants can get on with higher value tasks.


CRM in Exact Online

New email storage

A 360 degree overview of your customers means 360 degree insight into your correspondence with them – including emails. This new solution allows you to automatically save all your sent emails into Exact Online just by bcc’ing a dedicated email address. And you can save emails from your customers into Exact Online as well: simply forward them on to the same dedicated storage address.



US localization

We are adding legal compliance and localization features ready for the launch of Exact Online Accounting in the United States.

Time entry on Android Smartwatch

This smart new feature means you’ll always stay up to date with tracking your time, anytime, anywhere, via your Android Smartwatch. Just think….you’ll never have to pester people to enter their hours again (please note, the initial launch will take place in the Netherlands only.)

Mobile invoicing

We’re also working on making it more straightforward than ever to create and send invoices – straight from your iPhone or iPad. So you’ll be able to bill for work as soon as the job is done, and check or view invoices whenever and wherever you want.


Exact Online App Centre

We’re currently busy setting up a new App Centre for Exact Online in France. It’s all set to launch later this year, together with improvements to developer documentation.


All products

Company setup wizard

And finally… we are redesigning and optimising the company setup wizard in Exact Online Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Accountancy. Among other things, the enhancement will include industry-specific templates complete with example data for all countries.



Exact Online operates in a fast-moving market. New trends, specific customer requests and all sorts of unforeseen matters mean our product roadmap is always subject to change. So although we can tell you about what we’re working on right now, we cannot guarantee it.. Thanks.


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  • Michale


    Hi, Erik. I would like to ask about Exact’s expansion plans. Can we expect an Spanish version of Exact Online in a near future or are you fosusing more in other markets? Here in Spain we have a country-specific ERP called Dimoni (SMB Erp) and of course, Exact Globe and Synergy. Right now I need to take scaling decisions And it would be useful to know what can I expect from Exact. Thank you!!


    • Erik Ledeboer


      Hi Michale,

      Thank you for your question. International expansion of Exact Online is one of the pillars of our strategy. At the moment we are present in United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and United States and we are orienting on additional countries. No choices have been made yet in this matter.

      Kind regards,

      Erik Ledeboer


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