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Indented Bill of Materials

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

Last year Exact Online Manufacturing Advanced has been released, focused on working with multi-level bills of materials. We are now adding to this offering the capability to make an indented view of the multi-level bill, inclusive of printing and export to Excel.

What is the indented bill of materials?

The indented bill of materials shows the structure of a multi-level bill in a tabulated format. An easy to understand tree structure forms by indenting each subordinate level from its parent.


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Indented bill on the item master

The indented bill is shown on the bill of materials tab of the item master. With the indented bill, quantities are shown required to produce its immediate parent, and quantities are shown to produce the batch quantity of the main parent.


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Indented bill of materials report

Via the Manufacturing | Reports menu we access the indented bill of materials report. This report also displays the quantities in stock and allows to enter an order quantity of choice. This way, the report serves as a manufacturing capability report that gives insight in whether sufficient material is available (or expected) to produce the required quantity of product. The report can be viewed on screen, printed or exported to Excel.


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The indented bill report will be released for all users of manufacturing advanced in (early) Q1 2015. We have developed these enhancements based on customer feedback.

More information with Pieter Hamans (pieter.hamans@exact.com).

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