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Login to your Exact Online mobile app with a pin code or touch id

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online

Often we get the question whether our Exact Online apps can be opened with an extra security. Now our apps are making use of the basic security of the phone and tablet. Because the feedback from our customers is very valuable for us, we have created a solution to improve the security.

Now it is possible to first enter a pin code before the Exact Online app opens. This option is not mandatory so if you don’t need extra security you don’t have to use this option.

For iPhone 5S and 6 users with iOS8, we introduced an additional security. They can also open the Exact Online app for iPhone using a touch id access protection. This means using your fingerprint for authentication.

If you have any feedback on this innovation just place a comment on this blog or send an e-mail directly to Judith van Wissen (Judith.van.wissen@exact.com).


Comments (2)

  • Peter Jones


    When can we expect the same security for Android?


    • Judith van Wissen


      This is also available via an update on your Android phone.


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