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Enhancements for Subcontracted Work

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

In manufacturing we frequently involve specialized suppliers to process parts. Examples of subcontracted processes are surface treatments, assembly work or packaging. An essential characteristic of subcontracted work is that the supplier will bill for its services. To achieve the right quality, the documents to support the subcontracting should contain all the required information to perform the job.

Subcontract Purchase Order

In the calculation (whether contained in the quotation lines or in a bill-of-materials) the subcontracted work has an operation code, a default operation description, a purchase unit, purchase quantity per unit of WIP and a rate. It is possible to overwrite the standard operation description with a customized description and to add notes to each line. The purchase order that is generated for the subcontracted operations is a contract that contains the ordered quantities and prices.


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Purchase Order Layout

We have added the notes to the purchase order layout:


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Dispatch Note Layout

We have also added the notes to the subcontract dispatch note. The dispatch note does not contain prices, but reference to the parts to be processed, their quantities and the linked shop orders are referred to:


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The enhancements to the layouts have been released for all users of manufacturing basic and advanced. We have developed these enhancements based on customer feedback.


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