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New method of adding a bank account number in Exact Online

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online

Since 1 August 2014 we have transitioned to SEPA and IBAN. We now have one single European payments market with standards. Following the introduction of SEPA, Exact Online will make some changes to improve the way you work with bank account numbers. It will be quicker and with less effort.

Before this change, when you added a new bank account number in Exact Online you needed to fill one of two fields: The bank account number or an IBAN number.

New method

Soon you just need to fill out one field to add a new bank account number to a journal or an account card. This field is now named “Bank account number”. When you start entering your bank account number, Exact Online will try to recognize your account number format and display a mask to guide you through filling out your bank account. If we cannot verify the entered bank account number a validation message will appear.











If you have any feedback on this upcoming innovation just place a comment on this blog or send an e-mail directly to Judith van Wissen (Judith.van.wissen@exact.com).

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