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Exact Lightweight Integration Server now in Controlled Release

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

As of this week Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) is in Controlled Release. This means that customers who participate in the controlled release phase can now benefit from this new technology.

ELIS is a brand new technical framework for the integration between Exact Globe Next and Exact Synergy Enterprise and supports solutions that exchange data between these two products as well as with third-party solutions.

Via the ELIS control center you can centrally install, activate and manage these solutions (such as Exact Integration, CMDM, Shop Floor Control, Word Merge, Exchange Integration). The framework offers central and pro-active logging, which means that you can manage all integrations from one central location and send them again in case errors occur. Even better, ELIS will send you a notification via mail or workflow, so you can act and resend immediately.

Another important enhancement is that the framework supports multiple instances as well as multi-tenancy, for optimal performance and scalability. It also means you can for example manage multiple 1-1 Globe-Synergy integrations from a single management console.

Soon we will also enable third-parties to base integration solutions on the ELIS framework to benefit from the built-in functionality and central manageability. Our ultimate goal is to have one central place for managing all integrations, greatly reducing the TCO of managing your Exact environment.

The ELIS framework will be available with Exact Globe version 409, and Synergy Enterprise version 254. Initially we will go into Controlled Release with the add-ons Exact Integration, Word Merge and Shop Floor Control. For Shop Floor Control there is an added bonus, as running Exact Integration is no longer a precondition, we will now also support it in combination with CMDM or XML integration.

In the coming months we will be migrating other solutions to make use of the ELIS framework as well, among others CMDM, Exchange Integration, and Service Management. Keep an eye on the product blog as we will be posting updates on a regular basis.

Please contact your account manager in case you wish to participate in the Controlled Release, or me in case you have any questions regarding the ELIS framework.


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