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Now available: Extension of Twitter integration

Written by Erik Ledeboer on . Posted in Exact Online

Twitter is becoming more popular every day. Some recent figures:

  • Today the total number of active registered Twitter users is 645.750.000
  • Every day 135.000 new Twitter users are signing up
  • The average number of tweets per day is 58 million.

For businesses it is important to know what people are saying on Twitter about your company, products or services. Negative remarks on Twitter can cause lots of damage. On the other hand positive remarks could be further exploited. In many cases a good follow up of a certain Tweet is required.

Tweets about your business

Tweets can be about nice opportunities, customers complaining, potential reference customers or some kind of service requests. On top of the current Twitter integration (showing tweets on account and contact cards) a new overview called ‘Business tweets’ will become available in Exact Online. Relevant tweets are shown in this overview based on your own keywords. Keywords can be your company name, brands, products, competitors, interesting areas or anything else.

Business tweets

Integrated with your business process

It will be possible within the same overview to easily convert tweets into CRM activities like Tasks, Service Requests, Complaints, Events and Communication notes. In this way relevant traffic on Twitter becomes seamlessly integrated with your own business process. Sending e-mails about tweets back and forth will be history and effective follow up is guaranteed. Bringing your business to a higher level.

Now general available

The new ‘Business tweets’ overview is now general available as part of CRM in Exact Online.


If you have any feedback on this innovation just place a comment on this blog or send an e-mail directly to Erik Ledeboer (erik.ledeboer@exact.com).




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