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New features helping you to bill more accurately

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

The timely and accurately billing to clients is a practical challenge to many professional services firms. Accurate billing depends on how well processes related to time tracking, managing rates and invoicing are integrated.  Timely billing depends on how quickly you are able to convert captured time and costs into invoices. At Exact we believe that integrated software helps you to quickly generate invoices, to reduce billing errors and to get paid faster. We also want to make it as easy as possible for you to run your business. That is why we made two enhancements:

Improved: More easily manage project restrictions and project-specific rates

For professional services firms it is key to use the correct rates in project billing. Rates may differ per project, per billable resource or per client. Exact Online offers the flexibility to manage such rates. We made it easier to view the actual project rates per restricted employee or per hour/cost type (see screenshot). We also made it easier to manage rates and adjusting rates (e.g. employee-specific rates). You can simply create a new price agreement from the rates overview. Available now for both Exact Online  Time & Billing and Project Management.


New: Print project notes on invoice

For many professional services firms, timely and correct invoicing is key. Their customers may require invoices stating a clear reference to the order, the so called purchase order (PO) number. To facilitate this need, we added the possibility to register the customer PO number on the project card and print it on an invoice. However, some customers may require more extensive references, e.g. more detailed references to budget holders, contractual agreements, or more. To facilitate this we made it possible to print project notes on the project invoice. An addtional tag ‘project notes’ was added in the layout maintenance. Available now for both EOL Time & Billing and Project Management.




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