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Improved manufacturing transactions report

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

The manufacturing transactions report shows all the entries on the work in progress (WIP) general ledger account. Often we would like to understand to or from which general ledger accounts the WIP amounts have been booked, the offset accounts. We have now added a control on the transactions report to display the offset accounts.

The manufacturing transaction report

The manufacturing transaction report can be found via the menu (Manufacturing) Reports | Transactions, but also via the tab Prices on shop order card. By default, the control Entries displays the Work in progress account.


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By changing the control Entries to Offset we will be able to view the disposition of amounts on the work in progress account.


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The improvement to the transactions report has been released for all users of manufacturing basic and advanced.

More information with Pieter Hamans (pieter.hamans@exact.com).

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