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Choosing a Bill-of-materials version for manufacturing

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

In Exact Online Manufacturing you have the opportunity to create multiple Bill-of-materials (BOM) versions for the same item. Until now, we maintained the restriction that only one version may have the Active status at a given time. The other versions are then Historic (no longer valid), Engineering change pending (design change to be approved) or Engineering change approved. Upon creating a shop order, whether manually or in a demand management process, will always use the (sole) Active version.

We are about to release the ability to have multiple BOM versions in the Active status. It will then be possible to create shop orders for an Active version of choice. When a demand management process creates shop orders we will take the Active BOM version that has been marked Default. Only one BOM version can be default at any time.


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Revamped BOM version card

While developing this functionality we took the opportunity to redesign the Bill-of-materials version card to fit in the Exact Online design standards. We introduced icons to identify the BOM version status.


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Using a BOM version in the shop order

It is possible to select an Active BOM version in the creation of a quotation, sales order or shop order. The shop order generated will then use the chosen BOM version. As this shop order will yield items (products) with an identical item code, inventory will be indistinguishable with respect to the applied BOM version. We aim with this new functionality to support order driven manufacturers who do not stock up on product variations.


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The multiple active BOM versions will be released in early Q4 to all users of Exact Online Manufacturing Basic and Advanced. This functionality is not available for users of Assembly orders in Wholesale Distribution Advanced.

More information with Pieter Hamans (pieter.hamans@exact.com).

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