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Important VAT update available (Dutch)

Written by Elaine Chai on . Posted in Exact Globe

As announced earlier there is a change regarding the communication with Digipoort.

To make sure that in the future you will still be able to successfully deliver your VAT declaration to the Dutch tax Authorities an update is available. This update is only applicable to customers who are using Exact Globe Next to send their VAT return and/or EU sales list to the Dutch tax authorities. If you are not using menu [System, General, Returns, Send via Digipoort] in Exact Globe Next to send the VAT return and/or EU sales list, this update is not applicable to you.

The update is made available in product update 405, 406, 407 and 408 of Exact Globe Next and Exact Compact. Contrary to previous announcement it is not necessary to install this before 3-9-2014. Also when you don’t install this update, you’ll still be able to send the VAT return and/or EU sales list to the Dutch tax authorities after 3-9-2014′. In the course of January 2015 an additional update regarding the electronic VAT return will be available. It’s important that this update and the update from January 2015 are installed before 1-2-2015. When the vat-update in January 2015 is available an additional announcement will be published on this blog.

For more information about performing an update see Updating Exact Globe Next.

Besides installing the update it may be necessary to configure your firewall to allow that a connection to Digipoort can be made.

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