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Upload documents via Exact Online mobile apps

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online

Businesses want to archive their documents in one central place in an easy and fast way. It saves time when you can upload all kinds of documents directly in Exact Online via mobile devices instead of sending attachments via e-mail to their PC and upload them manually. So for example sending your digital delivery note along with the invoice without any hassle.

Upload documents via Exact Online mobile appsupload documents

It will be possible to upload all kinds of documents via the Exact Online iPhone, Android and iPad app. When uploading, the document can be directly linked to a customer and will be of the type attachment. In Exact Online you have the possibility to link the uploaded documents to other processes. For example make a picture of your signed delivery note, link it to the correct customer and link it then in Exact Online to the corresponding invoice you want to send. Or for example link a signed timesheet to the invoice it belongs to or to a CRM activity. It will also be possible to upload multiple documents at once.

With this functionality you will be able to upload your documents directly to Exact Online via the app on the go.


The “Upload documents ” functionality is on track to be available in August 2014.


If you have any feedback on this upcoming innovation just place a comment on this blog or send an e-mail directly to Judith van Wissen (judith.van.wissen@exact.com).


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