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Enhanced cost analysis for subscriptions

Written by Remco Kroes on . Posted in Exact Online

What’s new?

It is now possible to track subscription-related revenues against cost centers or cost units. We enabled the option to automatically allocate subscription-related revenues to the relevant cost analysis dimensions. Helping you to better monitor subscription-related costs and revenues.

Cost analysis

In Exact Online costs incurred can be allocated to a specific cost center or cost unit via financial journal or purchase entries. A cost center, for example, may represent a specific service department or a product team. Cost centers, however, are not limited to departments – you can set them up as you like. In Exact Online cost centers and units are analytical dimensions that can be tied to financial and purchase entries. They can be used in cost analysis and in budgeting to track actuals versus budget.

cost center subscriptionExample

Let’s suppose your firm offers hosting services. These services are charged to your customers on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. You decided to define a specific cost center to track both incurred costs and revenues. With the added functionality you can specify per subscription line the relevant cost center (and/or  cost unit). Upon invoicing all hosting related revenues are allocated to the cost center specified. You also incur costs related to sales, marketing and rental of hosting services. Incurred costs, e.g. rental costs, can be entered directly against a cost center. You can defer costs (see blog item earlier).

Exact Online provides various overviews to monitor costs, results and revenues. You can also export data to word, excel or pdf.

cost center subscription2



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