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Version 2.0 of the Field Service App is there: Have a look and feel the difference!

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

The Exact Field Service App is already used by many customers today. Statistics show that more and more service oriented organizations equip their service engineers with an iPad rather than paper files. They have seen the benefits of linking the activities of their service engineers directly in the back-office. It allows them to approve the activity for invoicing, send a confirmation email to the client when the job has been done and always have an update planning ready for the engineer. Also all stock movements made by the engineer are directly managed in the back-office and never lose track of a signed service order again!

service order

Version 2.0 of the Field Service App offers new features and an improved user interface. Most obvious changes are:

  • A new activity can be created from the service order. This way the engineer can send a message to the internal organization when he thinks there is a need for it. This can be that maintenance of a machine is very poor, that he sees an opportunity to replace the existing machine by another one or to request the planner to plan a follow-up appointment at the customer side. Note that user cannot create a new service activity.
  • The Field Service App can be secured by the use of a pin code. In the setting, the engineer can define his pin code. Now every time the App is used, a pin code needs to be filled in first.
  • The user interface has been adjusted. Goal is to make the service order screen easier to use. This has been done by cleaning up the screen and offer only that information the engineer needs most. Note that all information is still there, only not directly in your face.
  • Get informed when an item you want to add to the service order is blocked (only available with latest PU 252 update)

Besides these new features there are hundreds of small adjustments in this version of the Field Service App. Some adjustments are visible, most are not. Have a look and feel the difference!

important: As mentioned, a lot of changes have been made in the App. The communication with the Synergy back-office is improved and fully runs via web services now, just like the other new Apps that are launched this year. Because of this change it is required to open up the web services in your Synergy back-office. You can do this in the Web services settings menu, located in the System tab. Check the ‘Exclude web services function rights’ setting and make sure all checkboxes in the right column are checked. When this is done run an IISreset and you’re save and done! The ‘Exclude web services function rights’ setting allows users to use the web services mentioned in the right column based on their Synergy roles and rights.

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