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International transport of goods

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online

Globalization can well be a challenge for Wholesale Distributors, but can also become an accelerator for new business opportunities. More often new customers are attracted from outside traditional markets like from other countries and even other continents. This can influence the information that is to be attached to shipments.

Exact Online will therefore be enriched with the possibility to present additional information on delivery notes and sales invoices. The calculated total net weight per product and shipment as well as a country of origin can soon be included to provide more clarity on the contents to carriers and customs.

A country of origin indicates where the goods originate from. This can well differ from the country of shipping or the country where the supplier of the product is located. It is basically the country where most of the value of the product has been added. Customs might want to check this data upon arrival in a country for reasons of trade regulations or restrictions with certain countries.

At the layout maintenance of delivery notes and sales invoices, where you already can define layouts per language or even per customer, these new fields will become available. When processing a goods delivery or a sales invoice, the total weight per product as well as the total weight of all products and the country of origin per product can be included.





We expect this functionality to become available at the end of this quarter (Q2 2014) in Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Advanced.



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