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Win-loss analysis: Ready to beat the competition!

Written by Erik Ledeboer on . Posted in Exact Online

Did you know that CRM in Exact Online provides an integrated win/loss analysis? This can be easily set up and helps you to improve the strategy for your business. It can contribute in bringing requirements to product or service development and feedback about messaging to marketing; it may also help uncover new sales strategies and initiatives. This all will result in more sales deals and higher revenue.

Competitor insight

Why do customers select your products or services? Why did your prospects select your competitor’s products or services and not yours? Which competitors are you facing in certain categories? Have these questions answered by CRM in Exact Online and you are ready to beat your competitors!

How it works?

To have a proper win/loss analysis it is important that all your sales reps have the discipline to fill in two important fields every time they set an opportunity in Exact Online on Won or Lost. These fields are Reason and Competitor (if needed, click Customize via the toolset button to let these fields appear in the Opportunity screen). Values for the underlying tables can be defined by yourself.

Reason won/lost and Competitor field

Opportunity overview

Within the Opportunity overview you can create all kinds of overviews (using again the Customize option to sort, filter or add columns) based on Involved accounts (competitors) and Reasons. This will give you the insight you require. For example: Create a list of all lost opportunities in a certain category and discover for which reasons they were lost to which competitors.

Overview opportunities filtered on Reason and Competitor


Please make sure that all accounts that are competitors are marked as competitor on their account cards. Preferably, when known: link the right competitors in the Involved account section on the Opportunity card.


Win/loss analysis is something any business can do. It does take some effort, but when done properly it provides lots of clarity and insights into customers’ perceptions of your product or service which will bring your business to a higher level.

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