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What is required, in what quantity and when?

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online



Optimize your product availability. Companies that have long purchase lead times, high value or perishable goods on stock, or  have a fluctuating or seasonal demand of products, are challenged with these questions. On the one hand you want to meet customer demand but also optimize consumption of working capital and avoid waste as much as possible.

From a purchasing perspective you want to know what the most optimal quantity is to purchase, when and at what time to be delivered whenever there is a need for an item.  If possible including information from sales on expected future demand. As a Warehouse manager you want to know when what items are expected to arrive and in what quantity in order to take scale up the required resources for warehouse handling and to make sure items can be stored. As a financial manager you can become involved and better anticipate in the need for financing this future demand. MatplanWD

Visual: Material Planning

We will soon start developing a solution for Material Planning in Exact Online. The functionality is expected to become available in a controlled release in a new Exact Online Wholesale Distribution Premium solution later this year.

Is Material Planning also applicable for your company? Feel free to come in contact with us via jaap.jan.de.lange@exact.com or via a reply on this blog post.

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