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Total order discount. Closing the deal!

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online



Upon entry of a quotation or sales order there are scenarios where additional discounts apply on top of a pricelist. Rounding off a total order amount or adding a one off overall discount amount or percentage can make or break a deal. It is also applicable for commercial promotions where “vouchers” or other means of discounts in consumer web shops or B2B e-commerce portals that need to be included in a sales order.


Percentage or Amount

Until now it has been possible to grant discounts in sales orders at line level. Per line you can set a discount percentage or alternatively the discount percentage is derived from the difference between the unit price and the net price.

With this new functionality, a new section will be introduced at the bottom of the order. This new section displays a line with the sub total from the lines, a line for entering the discount percentage or amounts and a line with the total after discount. It will include 5 new accessible fields. If one of these fields is changed, then all other 4 fields will be recalculated automatically.


Sales order discount EN

visual 1: Sales order with adjusted total amount excl. VAT.


Sales order discount 1

visual 2: Total order discount section with discount percentage.


The VAT amount will be adjusted automatically based on the enter discount / total amount. For this the base amount of the VAT is determined after applying the discount and then the VAT is calculated.

When you process the related sales invoice, a journal entry is created for the financial administration. The sales invoice line discounts are already balanced with the revenue amounts. Therefore, to make a distinction between sales invoice line discount and the overall invoice discount, the overall sales invoice discount will be processed on a separate general ledger.



A select group of Exact Online Wholesale Distribution customers will use this functionality in a controlled release. Total order discount is expected to become general available in Q2 of 2015.

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