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Now available in Exact Online: defer costs and revenue

Written by Judith van Wissen on . Posted in Exact Online

Do you receive invoices that you want to defer over multiple periods? And does deferring them manually use time you’d like to focus on your business? You are now able to defer costs and revenue automatically over a number of periods that you specify upfront.

Exact Online enables you to set deferred revenue in a sales journal entry or a sales invoice. Deferred cost can be generated through a purchase journal entry.

For example: You receive a purchase invoice of € 12.000,-. Within Exact Online it will be possible to defer the invoice automatically over, for example, 12 periods. For every period an entry of € 1.000,- is created.

You’ll never have to defer your purchase- and sales invoices manually over periods again. Exact Online does this automatically.

defer cost 1

defer cost 2

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