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Invoice Exact Online Starter direct to entrepreneur

Written by Arjen Nijdam on . Posted in Exact Online

This week we launched the possibility for entrepreneurs to subscribe Exact Online Starter in the Benelux and UK. Via this productblog I explain what this milestone means for accountants and their clients using Exact Online Starter.

What is Exact Online Starter?

Exact Online Starter is a solution for sole traders, start-ups and small entrepreneurs to collaborate with their accountant and get control over their business by having real-time information, a way to upload receipts and send sales invoices.

Overview Exact Online Starter

Overview Exact Online Starter

What’s new?

Besides the current offering where Exact Online Starter is part of the accountancy subscription, we introduce now a solution to offer and invoice Exact Online Starter directly to the entrepreneur.  When linking to an accountant the entrepreneur can select whether to “handover” the subscription and related invoice to the accountant or keep it himself. This solution will include mail and online help support (no telephone support).

Accountancy Centre

The entrepreneur has the opportunity to start with Exact Online Starter . After subscribing, a link with an accountant needs to be made. A suitable accountant can be found via the Accountancy Centre. The Accountancy Centre is a service where accountants can upload their profile via My Exact Online and where entrepreneurs can find an accountant based on location and/or expertise.

After selecting, the accountant is able to accept the request to collaborate. For the accountant this is a new way to generate leads. A selection of an accountant is mandatory within a period of 60 days.


By making it possible to offer and invoice Exact Online Starter direct to the entrepreneur, we will accelerate our market execution within the low end as well as accountancy market. Next to that the collaboration between the entrepreneur and accountant will be stimulated.

More information?
For more information about Exact Online Starter and the Accountancy Centre, please visit the Exact Online website.


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