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Improved communication of sales invoices

Written by Jaap Jan de Lange on . Posted in Exact Online



Getting Sales Invoices paid in full and on time is what makes or breaks a company. Exact Online offers a wide range of possibilities to get a correct sales invoice out. Still we will never stop improving. Processing sales invoices will soon be enhanced with a wide range of new features and simplified UI to make it more efficient to communicate with your customers.




Below you find an overview of what will be new:

  • Clean up of the number of processing buttons and new simplified user experience.
  • A preview before opting for trial or final processing so you see what is send out.
  • Send invoices to multiple contact persons.
  • Use an alternative email address while processing an invoice.
  • Maintain an invoice layout at processing so you do not need to aboard processing.
  • Add a CC and a BCC to an email to inform additional stakeholders.
  • Subject of the email message in the language of the receiver for better recognition.
  • Edit the invoice date when creating trial invoices.
  • Add attachments to email for reasons of specification or e.g. to add terms and conditions.
  • Send a copy to yourself.
  • Your personal email address instead of the administration email address when sending out invoices so potential questions or remarks find their way back to you easily.
  • Clear information on processing methods and details to verify at a later stage via the sales invoice history.



Expected to become general available in Exact Online in March 2014!



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Comments (3)

  • Martijn Logtenberg


    Will this functionality also be developed for Exact Globe Next??


  • Martijn Logtenberg


    I mean espescially the possibility to add and additional attachment to an invoice, for either specification purposes or for adding the PDF with terms and consitions


  • Alexander Kutilov


    This functionality is already supported in Exact Globe Next since Product Update 392. The user has ability to specify a Covering letter layout for invoice, where terms and conditions can be exposed.
    Release Notes are:

    Product Update 392: Support for Covering Letters
    Product Update 397: Covering Letters E-mailed as Image Attachments


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