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CRM in Exact Online: What’s coming up

Written by Erik Ledeboer on . Posted in Exact Online

With CRM in Exact Online we offer our customers an easy-to-use, innovative online CRM solution. Important themes within this solution are Contact management, Sales and Marketing. Regarding the Marketing theme the recent launch of Marketing Campaigns, contact lists and the Mailchimp integration (e-mail marketing) was an important milestone. In the coming months the CRM team will be working very hard on various innovations regarding Contact Management, Sales and Marketing as well.

A short overview about what’s coming up:

(Contact Management)

E-mail merge
Businesses prefer uniform communication and it saves time when you don’t have to type similar email messages each time all over again.  It will be possible in Exact Online to send an e-mail directly to an individual account or contact based on e-mail templates (to be defined by the user in MS Word).

E-mail saving
A new e-mail saving solution will be introduced. An e-mail you want to have stored in Exact Online can automatically be saved just by simply filling in a special e-mail address in the bcc-field of the e-mail. As simple as that!

Save emails in Exact Online

Parent-child relations (just released) 
For sales activities it helps to know if a certain account has got subsidiaries or the account is a subsidiary itself. In Exact Online a so-called ‘parent account field’ and an overview of so-called ‘child accounts’ has now been added to the account card.


Word-merge on quotation
A quotation can now only be generated as a PDF.  This PDF cannot be adjusted, so adding specific text (e.g. product info, project approach, terms & conditions) in the quotation is not possible. With the new solution it will be possible to generate a quotation from Exact Online into a MS Word document based on your own template. You then have the option to adjust the generated document.

Word merge on quotations


Extra classification fields
To provide Exact Online users more flexibility to classify their accounts seven additional classification fields be added to the account card. These classifications can be used in the account search, account overview, marketing lists and in various financial overviews as well. Read more

A detailed planning is hard to give but most of these innovations are expected to become general available within the next couple of months.

Comments (4)

  • John klouwer


    Nu nog CRM voor acountants toch?


  • Erik Ledeboer


    Beste John, we zijn de mogelijkheden hiertoe aan het verkennen. Keep you posted!


  • Emma


    Can you tell me where I can find out more about the mailchimp integration you have mentioned?


    • Erik Ledeboer


      Dear Emma, the mailchimp integration gives Exact Online users the possibility to export contact lists that have been created in Exact Online automatically to Mailchimp for e-mail marketing purposes. So no doubly entry, no hazzle with Excel, less mistakes, etcetera. Also opt-in/opt-out info is automatically being send back from Mailchimp to Exact Online.

      This Mailchimp integration is also mentioned within a demo video on this web page: http://www.exactonline.co.uk/about-crm-in-exact-online.

      You can also contact one of my colllegues from our UK office (http://www.exactonline.co.uk/contact) for more info or a more extensive demo.

      If you are an Exact Online user you can also read the main CRM helpfile which explains how the integration works and how it can be setup.



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