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Lead time improvements for manufacturing

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

When we order an item from a supplier, we assume that there is a reliable time-lapse between placing our order and the actual shipment or receipt. We refer to this time-lapse as the ‘lead time’. Typically, we express lead time in days – as we assume our requirements to be on a date rather than on a date and time. Also quite typically, we rarely think about the lead time as influenced by the size of our order. Neither do we give thought to how busy our supplier may be – the dreaded issue of available capacity. Lead time should cater for all of these constraining effects: thinking days, order size and capacity. As a manufacturer, we should be able to commit lead times to our customers.

Setup and run time

So far, Exact Online Manufacturing provided for defining setup time and run time with each operation (or lead days for subcontracted operations). These time definitions are set in hours, minutes or even seconds. In all, this functionality mainly supports our costing since operating time drives cost. It is hard to derive a lead time from the accumulated setup and run time, as there may be dependencies or overlaps and effects of queue, wait and move time.

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Lead time

We are now introducing a lead time for each BOM version and a lead time for calculated (quoted) parts that lack a BOM. The lead time entered with the BOM version affects the defaulting of the planned date of manually entered shop orders and the defaulting of the delivery date in sales orders and quotations.



For a calculated part in a quotation we could also enter a lead time. The lead time entered in the quotations can be printed on the layout.



The lead time improvements will become available for all users of manufacturing basic and advanced in the last week of February 2014.

More information with Pieter Hamans (pieter.hamans@exact.com).

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