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Finish and Issue Reversals

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

In manufacturing, we issue material from inventory to the shop order, and we receive finished products from the shop order back into inventory. From time-to-time we will have to return excess material back into inventory, or correct a finished product receipt back from inventory.  We call such actions “reversal processes”.

Current reversal process

In manufacturing basic and manufacturing advanced, we have issue screens and finish (receipt) screens that can be accessed via a dedicated menu path or directly from the shop order card. When we want to process a reversal, we navigate to these screens and enter a negative quantity. The resulting transactions are of the type Requirement reversal or Shop order stock reversal.


New reversal process

Entering negative values in the issue screens or finish (receipt) screens will be disabled. At the same time, dedicated menu paths to an issue reversal screen and a finish reversal screen are introduced. On these screens we will enter positive quantities, an (optional) comment and (optional) remarks. Dedicated menu paths to the issue reversal history and the finish reversal history are also introduced.


Why introducing a new process?

We would like to maintain consistency with other logistic reversal processes such as the sales return and the purchase return, for which we also maintain dedicated menu paths. Also for the soon to be introduced average cost valuation it was necessary to separate the reversal processes. This is also the reason why we will roll out the new reversal process before starting the controlled release for average cost valuation.

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