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Coming soon: Extended account classification

Written by Erik Ledeboer on . Posted in Exact Online

An important success factor for driving your business is to be able to divide your (potential) customers in relevant segments. Focus on those segments in which your business can and will be most successful. Every business is different so each business can have different segmentation (also named: classification) criteria  which are applicable to their accounts. One business often divides her target group in multiple ways because each segment can have a different sales and marketing approach.

Existing marketing fields on the account card

Marketing fields that at the moment already exist in Exact Online on the account card are for example Sector, Subsector, Company size, Business type, Source and there is one so-called Classification field which can freely be used for any other classification purposes.

Existing marketing fields on account cardNote: If these fields are not directly visible when creating or editing an account please select the toolset-button right above in your Exact Online screen.

Extra classification fields on account card

To provide Exact Online users much more flexibility to classify their accounts in multiple ways seven additional classification fields will soon be added to the account card.  Each classification field can have its own label (description) so users will easily understand the meaning of the field.

New classification fields on account cardThese classification fields can be used in the account search, account overview, marketing lists and in various financial overviews as well.


According to planning the new classification fields will come available in second quarter of 2014.


If you have any feedback on these upcoming innovations just place a comment on this blog or send an e-mail directly to Erik Ledeboer (erik.ledeboer@exact.com).



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