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Exact Online introduces the Accountancy Center

Written by Arjen Nijdam on . Posted in Exact Online

Exact Online introduces the Accountancy Center; a market place where the entrepreneurs can search and select an accountant.

In this product blog I explain how the Accountancy Center has been set up and how an accountant can set up and maintain his profile.

How does it work?

A great advantage of working in the cloud is the collaboration between accountant and his clients. But how to find the right accountant? The Accountancy Center will help you. Via this innovation it is now possible to search a suitable accountant via our website, Exact Online Starter, Exact Online Accounting and our Industry Solutions.

Easy, isn’t it? You are able to search an accountant nearby of based on their expertise.

After selecting the accountant, he will receive a request to link your company via it’s workflow. In the meantime the accountant will contact you to discuss how to collaborate. Will your accountant be in charge of the whole accounting, tax declaration. Or you might want to do it yourself? Within Exact Online you can collaborate with your accountant as you want it.

After accepting the request to collaborate you and your accountant will be linked and you can proceed the collaboration within Exact Online.

How to create a profile?

As an accountant it is very easy to set up and maintain your profile. Go to ‘Exact Online’ of your Exact Online Accountancy subscription. Click next on the tab ‘Accountancy Center’.

Via the Accountancy Center you are able to set up your profile and classifications. After saving the profile, it will be presented straight away in the Accountancy Center.

Do you have more subsidiairies? No worries. You can decide to set up one profile with multiple locations. As well you can upload multiple profiles.


The Accountancy Center is already live in the Netherlands. In Q1 2014 the Accountancy Center will also be available in Belgium, UK and Germany.

Screenshot Accountancy Ceter

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