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Exact Event Manager 1.9.1 Now Available

Written by Toine Hurkmans on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Exact Event Manager 1.9.1 is released 25 January 2014 offering some great new features to further expand the capabilities of business process automation. A lot of focus is given to managing and controlling processes related to incoming and outgoing documents/files.

For this reason this release supports FTP & file folder watcher and capabilities to write documents to FTP sites or file folders. Printing documents to network printers or sending document via Fax is also supported. On top of this it will be possible to use Exact Synergy Enterprise document attachments in e-mail, printing and faxing, similar to SSRS and Crystal reports.

Another new feature, requested for years, is  the abiltity to execute a program using a command line. This increases the options to automate processes.EEM pic for blog

In addition this release includes fixes on issues/bugs reported.

For more information see the Release notes product update 1.9.1 or contact your Exact support desk.


Comments (2)

  • Dirk


    Wanneer kunnen we 2.0 gaan verwachten?


  • Frank Ezinga


    I am working with Exact support people to understand the purpose of the file/folder watcher and its capabilities. It can move or delete files from a directory, but it is not clear how it could be user within the Event Manager.

    the documentation on customer/reseller portal or the EEM helptext seems to be limited: describing part of the function and the buttons, but not the application or purpose of the function. Is there any more info available…?


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