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Outperform and Exact sign agreement for forecasting and S&OP solution

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe

Exact has signed an agreement with Outperform. The agreement stipulates that the Sales Forecasting en Sales & Operations Planning is available worldwide via Exact. 
Outperform offers supply chain management software to companies worldwide and is based in the Netherlands, with offices in the United States and Spain.
In the current economic climate and market uncertainty it is essential to get a clear vision of the future of one’s business. Contradictory targets in sales and operations departments can easily fragment the organization and lead to misalignment of resources, achieving no goals at all. To prevent this, we offer two solutions: Sales Forecasting en Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). Exact has made the choice not to build the solution itself, to the fact that there are already good solutions available in the market.
Sales Forecasting With Sales Forecasting the forecast for product demand is based on historical sales order data from Exact Globe Next. Using forecasting tools the most accurate forecast per product is then calculated using the best fitted demand patterns, like trend, seasonal, etc. This is combined with market insights from sales and marketing to calculate accurate forecasts per product.
Sales & Operations Planning S&OP extends the functionality of the Sales Forecasting solution. Using the forecast the supply of these products is planned using inventory policies These multiple inventory policies ensure the balance between demand and supply, providing the right service level at the right cost for each product. By applying these policies stock inefficiencies such as hot jobs, excess inventory or obsolete stock is avoided. The calculated supply plan, consisting of purchase orders and / or production orders are synchronized back to Exact Globe Next for operational handling.
What nowadays is often done through improvised Excel sheets becomes an integral part of Exact Globe Next with these two, new solutions.
For whom? The solution is for wholesale and manufacturing companies, who keep more than 100 products on stock with a value starting at around 1 million euro.

  • Cross-functional collaboration across your organization
  • Multiple forecasting strategies for different items
  • Item,  customer, supplier and warehouse activation to control planning scope
  • Watch lists for monitoring specific product groups
  • Export to and import from MS Excel
  • Multiple plans to support what-if scenarios
  • Immediate feedback on impact of decisions
  • Waterfall reports to track performance and drive accountability
  • Demand, Supply and Inventory are all managed in a single system
  • Specific inventory policies enable right service at right cost for each item and customer
  • Single enterprise system serves as cross-functional dashboard
  • Seamless integration with Exact Globe Next

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Comments (2)

  • Ariel Cortez



    May I know the status if Exact clients can purchase this already and can you also provide some technical documents and success stories for more information. I am interested in the integration between outperform and EGN.


  • Aurora Luengo


    Ariel, the solution is available from Exact.

    As for success stories, the solution is already in use at Vacu Vin. We are working with several prospects so more will come. You can check out the Outperform website for additional S&OP examples.

    The best way forward is to provide you a short demonstration based on McBean and exchange the supporting material. We can then also show the full operational integration with EGN.

    You can find detailed documentation online through a wiki, for which we will provide you a login.


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