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Performance – Why upgrade my web browser?

Written by Toine Hurkmans on . Posted in Exact Synergy

As a user I want web applications to be responsive, perform.  I don’t want to wait for a page to load or refresh for more than 5 seconds. Sometimes 3 seconds is already too much to me. For this reason I make sure to use the latest version of my browser. Why?

I notice that people often complain that web sites are slow whereas I don’t have that problem myself. When I ask what web browser and version they use they often do not know, especially when they use Microsoft Internet explorer. (Most people by the way use IE9 or even IE8.) When people use Chrome they always state “Chrome is faster than Internet Explorer'”. (So they are aware that performance differs per web browser.) When I ask when they upgraded their web browser the last time, they reply “I just downloaded it some time ago. Do I need to upgrade?”.

The issue with performance is it not always concerns the web site (application or server), but the browser being used. As software supplier we want to provide more and richer features and functions in our web applications. Suppliers like Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and Mozilla (Firefox) keep improving their browser to support new web technologies to provide better user experience. As software developers we therefore constantly update our software to support the latest technologies.

When we release a new version of Exact Synergy Enterprise new technology is likely to be used. The upcoming release 252 for instance uses new technology to improve the performance of some pages, for instance the service management dispatch board. The issue is users only benefit when they use the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Users shouldn’t need to constant be aware of new technologies and what browser version they need to get great user experience. This does not apply to Exact Synergy Enterprise, but to any web application.  Users only need to keep their web browser up to date with the latest version.

… and Chrome might no longer be faster in all cases compared to Internet Explorer. (Just check out some tech-sites yourself).



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  • Heiko van der Vlugt


    Hi Toine,

    Why only focus on IE? The browser world is changing very quick, new technologies have to be embrased quicker by software companies.

    When will Synergy be compatible with Safari and Chrome?
    And can we expect new user interface components more of this age?

    Hope to hear positive news 🙂


  • Toine Hurkmans


    Hi Heiko,

    Coming very soon is a blog post by Sunil Girdhari regarding web browser support, which will enlighten you and of course others!


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