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Exact Synergy Enterprise Configurator – The importance of sharing information

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Hi all,

Information is key within a company. But information means nothing when you can’t or don’t share it.

In release 250 for the Exact configurator we release the possibility to influence the actors in the workflow based on company logic. You can read all about workflow validation and people allocation here.

A small example of influencing the allocation of actors in workflow would be an expense claim. You can now actually configure your flow in such an order that when the amount is (for example) € 100.00, the approval of the expense claim can be done by the assistant of the manager of that person.

Eventhough this is nice and takes away work from the manager, there can be cases where he would still like to be informed, for example all expenses made on a certain project.

For reasons like this we have implemented in release 251 that you can remark people based on business logic. This would mean that the actor would still be the assistant, but the manager and/or the account manager or even a finance employee can be remarked.

And since we are on the topic of sharing information, in the coming release we have implemented that when you create an entity that inherits from projects, you now also have the availability of adding members to that inherited entity. Which means you can provide extra security on your entity.

Exact Synergy Enterprise is the software in which you share information with your colleagues.

Should you have any questions about this solution, do not hesitate to contact me at ruud.aalders@exact.com or add comments to this post.

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