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Using manufacturing and E-WMS ? Check what’s coming this year … !

Written by Wilfred Bossenbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe



This year you can expect some nice enhancements in E-WMS Production.

In product update 406 (expected Q2 2013), we will offer extra settings in E-WMS Production Receipts, which will enable you to simplify and automate your receipt process. You will be able to just scan the production order number, confirm the expected quantity by pressing ‘Enter’, and voila: the receipt is done and input is ready for the next production order. When running the WMS service for automatic read back and processing, you can also automatically print a label, which would appear a few seconds later.

The extra settings will be features like: returning to input of production order, item code or location after completing a scan, and prefilling and skipping input of warehouse, location and item code. In item maintenance, you will be able to configure a ‘default production quantity’.

Click on this screen to watch a demo video:



In the same release we will improve support for ‘operations’ or ‘steps’ in E-WMS Production Issues. Instead of scanning (entering) an ‘operation’ code, you will now enter a ‘step’ code, which is more accurate than the operation code. The Exact Globe Next SDK will be changed to allow passing a specific ‘step’ code for an extra material issue, so in E-WMS ‘free’ material issue scanning, the entered step code can now be processed, instead of using the default step code ‘DFOP001’.

Somewhat further down the road, in release 407 (expected early Q4 2013), we plan support of crossdocking for production materials. This means, you are receiving ordered raw materials which are required for production orders planned for today or tomorrow. While scanning that receipt, E-WMS will give you an advice to put these goods directly to a specific location (probably on the production floor) instead of storing these in the warehouse.

Cross docking was already available in E-WMS scanning of purchase receipt and production receipts, of items required for sales orders.


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