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E-WMS Lite – in controlled release

Written by Wilfred Bossenbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

From January 1st, Exact offers E-WMS Lite for Exact Globe Next.


E-WMS Lite is based on the existing solution E-WMS, but offers adjusted functionality for a smaller price.

E-WMS and E-WMS Lite offer barcode scanning support in your warehouse. By using item (and location) bar codes and bar code scanners, chance of picking errors is diminished. E-WMS can also help you in your order picking process, by guiding you to the products which will expire first,  and  E-WMS can optimize your location pick policy.

E-WMS offers a lot of possibilities, but that also means there are a lot of settings in which you configure your specific scenarios. That can make understanding E-WMS more difficult. One of the goals of the introduction of E-WMS Lite is to make the implementation easier by decreasing the number of settings.

One of the major differences of E-WMS Lite versus its big brother E-WMS is the support of multiple locations per item. E-WMS Lite is intended for companies who are using no warehouse locations, or at the most one fixed location per item.

The following processes are supported in E-WMS Lite:

  • Purchase receipts
  • Order picking
  • Inventory count


Some of the features available in E-WMS Lite:

  • Send purchase- or sales orders automatically to the picking queue, to be picked
  • Support of batch items and serial number items
  • You are able to generate a picking advice based on batch start- or end date (FIFO/FEFO)
  • You are able to configure your location picking policy – less stops per order, or pick locations clean to make room for new stock
  • Picking location advice is based only on the item main location, as defined in Exact Globe Next
  • You are able to scan SSCC numbers during order picking, or even print SSCC labels during order picking (requires BarTender by Seagull Scientific)
  • Inform your customer early about the shipped SSCC’s by using Exact E-EDI (requires E-EDI Delivery Note)
  • Support of all bar codes also supported in E-WMS, such as CODE39, CODE128, UCC/EAN128, HIBC, QR / 2D / Datamatrix (depending content of the barcode and scan hardware supporting that barcode type)



For a complete comparison of features, please have a look at this English or Dutch document. E-WMS Lite is in controlled release in product update 405, per January 1st.

Comments (2)

  • Yvonne Beltman


    is there any update on this topic.. We are in need of multiple locations per article.


    • Wilfred Bossenbroek


      Hello Yvonne,

      Thank you for your question on E-WMS Lite.

      E-WMS Lite (the name already implies it) is intended for a specific level of warehouse management: a single warehouse, without usage of locations, or maybe a single location per item.

      If you need to use multiple locations per item, please consider E-WMS I.


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