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Localizations in product update 405 and Year-End Patch Update

Written by Elaine Chai on . Posted in Exact Globe

As announced in the previous blog, Exact Globe Next product update 405 has been generally available as of October 2012. This marked another important milestone to deliver the right functionalities to you.

You might have already heard of the Netherlands payroll and news about some other countries’ legal changes. To ensure in time delivery of these changes, a year-end-patch for Exact Globe Next product update 405 is now available as of January 2013. This document describes how you can perform the update.

We have implemented quite a number of solutions for fixed themes like legal changes, localizations, banking, cash flow and also your feedback to improve the software.

To improve the level of localizations some important changes have been implemented for Belgium, China, Czech, Germany, Hungary,  Japan, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Thailand and Vietnam. All deliverables for localizations in this product update are listed here.

Moreover, this product update has become a major milestone in SEPA compliance for customers of Eurozone countries. Exact Globe Next now provides the ability to create SEPA Credit Transfers and SEPA Direct Debits in accordance with most recent rules. This functionality will be extended further in upcoming Exact Globe Next product updates.

You may view the full list of changes in this product update from here.

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