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  • Thomas


    Hello Sunil,

    Nice option this picture in Lync, but can i ask you another question about Lync in combination with Exact Synergy Enterprise.
    We are about to use Lync. Now we want to create an extra item or button on the account / contactperson card wich we can click on, so it will direcly call the customer or contactperson. Al we need to put in the field is “tel:0512543221”. Can you tell me if this is possible?
    If not, will Exact go this way?

    It would be nice to hear something from you.

    Thomas Visser


    • Sunil Girdhari


      Hi Thomas,

      Currently we have a couple of solution feedback requests with similar needs on the customer and contact person card. It has not yet been decided to put this on the (future) roadmap.

      Our presence control can be used for the voice call as well, if the Lync server is installed with Enterprise Voice enabled and the phone number is available in the Lync contact card. Namely, Lync has a built-in “Click to Call” functionality which would allow you to make either Lync call or a regular voice call (Public Switched Telephone Network).

      Furthermore, when you install Lync, it will also install IE add-on “Lync Click to Call”. On every IE webpage you visit, Lync will determine if there are phone numbers using some internal normalization rules and when a match occurs, Lync will place a “Call” icon beside the phone number, similar like the Skype Click to Call plug-in.

      I hope this answers your questions.

      Kind regards,
      Sunil Girdhari


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