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Enhancements in Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 249

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

With every product update Exact implements some enhancements based on direct customer feedback. The list for Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 249, which is currently generally available, includes improvements of showing sections as tabs in requests, subscriptions to follow changes in requests and the possibility to copy a user’s preferences to another (set of) user(s).

Section as tab

The possibility to show sections as tabs in requests has been introduced in product update 247. Sections can be used to group information. To present this in another format, the sections can be displayed as tabs. As of product update 249 you can enable this per section. This allows you to use both possibilities, grouping information in a section and/or show a section as tab.

Unsubscribe request

Following changes in requests gives you the opportunity to continue with your daily work and being notified when anything changes in the requests you subscribed. Now it’s is also possible to unsubscribe so that you won’t be notified anymore on any changes made in the requests. The used icons for have also been polished so that they are even more recognizable for a user.

Copy user preferences

Each group of users has a need of a certain structure/preference. The preferences can be set per user. Copying user preferences to another (set of) user(s) gives you the benefit setup the Synergy work environment for them so that they can easily and quickly start with their daily work. Please check this video how you can use preferences as you like it.


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Comments (4)

  • Robert Klein


    All time savers. I think the ‘Copy user preferences’ will save a lot of time with setup from one employee to the next. Setup once, and an entire sales team can have the same menus and dashboards.


  • Petr Marc


    Dashboard copy is great! Now I can imagine to extend this by the option to select, which dashboard would be coppied. What do you think?


  • Sunil Girdhari


    Petr Marc, that would be a logically extension if there is a real need from the business for this. So let me know.


  • Aimee


    Awesome! It really is the little things sometimes that make such a difference. I was so happy to see that option in the request definition allowing some sections to be tabs and others just to be sections. Woo hoo!


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