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Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 249 and Exact Globe Next product update 404 are in controlled release

Written by Bert Siekmann on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

As of now Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 249 and Exact Globe Next product update 404 are in controlled release. That means that these releases are now available for resellers as well as all controlled release customers. After a successful controlled release period we will announce both products generally available, planned for mid-June.

Responding to challenges and needs of professional services organizations we have extended our PSA offering with numerous enhancements which will allow users to work more efficiently, save costs and achieve higher margins. Among others we will offer now integration of WBS (work breakdown structure) and budgets, a new flexible project cockpit and the possibility to copy a scope of a project  for easy project scope creation. Additionally, in this product update of Exact Synergy Enterprise we will launch a new Word Merge functionality that makes it easier to generate MS Word documents in which content from various entities from Exact Synergy Enterprise, such as accounts, projects and persons is automatically included. Moreover, we have extended Exact Synergy Enterprise with numerous enhancements, such as UX improvements, a solution to facilitate new Dutch holiday entitlement legislation and other improvements that have been developed based on direct feedback from our customers.

In Exact Globe Next we focused on facilitating the needs of our Wholesale customers; we have implemented numerous changes to the current functionality, such as improvements to E-WMS (release notes in tab Warehouse Management System). Additionally, after an extended controlled release period the B2B e-Commerce Portal will be generally available as of Exact Globe Next product update 404. To further extend the value proposition for customers in the Manufacturing field, we offer new solutions such as Exact Visual Scheduler (to be generally available) and back flushing for by-products. Moreover, we have extended Exact Globe Next with a large number of new features that facilitate changes in regional legislations and other enhancements that have been developed based on direct feedback from our customers.

Furthermore, in advance to launching Exact Globe Next product update 404 and Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 249 we have introduced numerous solution: Exact Synergy Enterprise Configurator and Central Master Data Management are now generally available. The Exact’s Service Management solution that strengthen wholesale and manufacturing companies is now in controlled release.

Please note that as a result of an extensive controlled release period and the feedback we received from our customers we have made a decision to change the name of Exact Globe to Exact Globe Next. What it means in practice is that when a customer decides to update his current Exact Globe, it will be updated to Exact Globe Next product update 404. An upgrade is not mandatory but when a customer decides to do so he will automatically benefit from the improvements of the Exact Globe Next version. Furthermore, he can request extended functionality that is standard in Exact Globe Next but not available without requesting it: Exact Synergy Enterprise with the Synergy user, integration with SSRS reports that offers real-time dashboard reports and a selection of alerts facilitated by Exact Event Manager. And a new menu/shell with state-of-the-art UX from which a user can operate all new and existing features. In the coming weeks we will provide more information on how this request process will work.

Should you have any questions regarding controlled release of Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 249 or Exact Globe Next product update 404, do not hesitate to comment on this blog post.

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Comments (3)

  • Darren Fessey


    Have any security improvements been made in version 249 Synergy?

    Specifically the ability to show, copy and paste 10,000+ valuable customer records/contacts on a single search page??


  • Martin Ortgiess


    Hi Darren, I don’t think we made any changes on this.


  • Darren Fessey


    Hi Martin

    I always respect a man who’s prepared to answer a difficult question! lol

    Data theft of customer information is a ‘real world’ concern for us and I am sure for many other companies.

    Having a rogue employee potentially going to work for your competition with all your data is something all companies want to guard against.

    I very much hope this comes high on the agenda of changes for version 250 of Synergy??


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