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Introduction of the new Word Merge

Written by Martin Ortgiess on . Posted in Exact Synergy

Easily send a predefined email or letter in corporate style. That was the goal we had in mind when designing the new Word Merge functionality. And… I think we succeeded!

With Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 249, the first version of the new Word Merge will become generally available. It is the successor of current merge functionality in Exact Synergy Enterprise (HTML and Word Merge) and offers a wide range of improvements. (video)

For every company it is of great significance that documents that are sent to external stakeholders or employees are professional and follow the guidelines of your company. There are a couple of things that are important when you want to achieve this, where again the most crucial one is that it should be simple to create a letter or send an email. To realize this, the screen where ‘it all happens’ must be clear and to the point. The key elements here are the number and quality of templates available. The number of templates should be kept to a minimum, so that the end user can easily pick the right one. The quality of the templates should be guaranteed. The new Word Merge functionality takes care of all of this.

The new Word Merge offers the following features:

– You can easily create a letter or send an email

  • Easy screen from where you can send email or create a letter
  • Templates are available based on roles and action
  • User can select to save a copy of the sent email to Exact Synergy Enterprise
  • Server side merging: good performance and no tools needed on client machine

– Templates

  • Define who can use which templates
  • Define who can maintain which templates
  • Template settings, to define which templates can be used from where (like: send email from account card or create letter from person search)
  • Set language of the template
  • Templates are made in MS Word

– Schema

  • A schema is needed to make a template. It contains a set of merge tags which can be dragged into the template. While performing the merge, these tags will be replaced by the actual value (like {account name} = Exact International Development)
  • Exact delivers default schemas. The merge tags in the schema are comparable with the merge fields currently in HTML merge
  • Consultants can easily extend the schema and add new fields
  • Consultants can make their own schema’s
  • Define who can use which schema

UPDATED: In product update 249, Exact introduces a first version of the new Word Merge functionality. This first version is limited to single merge actions only. This means that you can perform a Word Merge from account-, contact-, person- and request-card. All other merge functionality, like merge from account-, request- and person-search will remain as is. We plan to have most used Word Merge functionality available as of product update 250 which will become available second half 2012.

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Comments (8)

  • Martijn Logtenberg


    Looks cool, so now more flexibility, more ease of use, more control on who can use

    Sounds goods, give us the goodies




  • Synergist B.V.


    Nice to read that this long existing user request is now featured in this upcoming release.

    Hope to be part of this controlled release.



  • Jeroen


    I think actualy the most basic thing what has to be there in Synergy; which wasn’t up to know….

    Looking forward to it to solve many problems with merging now…..(which was much better in our previous CRM system).


  • Frank


    I like!


  • Andrew Thornthwaite


    We have update 246 of Synergy Enterprise. When you merge from MS Word it only allows you to merge the main address. It doesn’t allow you to select the postal address or other address types. Also, it doesn’t merge addresses from contacts that aren’t the main contact.
    When merging from Synergy in 246 the formatting isn’t very good. You also can’t merge the account manager’s email address and I think mobile phone amongst other things.
    Does release 249 overcome these matters.
    Cheers, Andrew


  • Martin Ortgiess


    Hi Andrew, the new Word merge will have a default schema which have availble about all fields that are currently available in HTML merge. I believe this includes the fields you need. The addrestype is in the template itself. there are seperate tags for each address type.

    You can adjust the default schema yourself. You can add and remove the tags you want. which for sure should solve your problems.


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