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Rafiki’s Corner – Calling All Exact Event Manager Evangelists!!

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Are you a user of Exact Event Manager? (if not why not ?!) The solution has now been out in the market, globally, for almost a year now and the growing number of users point to a measured level of success. All is good! We are hard at work on the next release of Exact Event Manager, that promises to be an awesome release and at the same time, we are working on a Maintenance Release that will include various software corrections.

Now, the time has come to take the solution to all corners of the earth, ensuring all Exact customers benefit from the huge business potential built into the DNA of Exact Event Manager. However, to do so, we need your help. Here is how you can help….

As everyone in business knows, the most effective form of marketing is not campaigns or branding, but word of mouth referrals and references. It is here that we need your help. We are looking to recruit customers who are willing to act as a reference for Exact and Exact Event Manager. These references may be called upon to talk to prospective users of the technology and answer some of their questions, based on your own experiences. This is an extremely important cog in the gears of a product life cycle. We have a large pool of customers already embracing the technology and we would like to hear about you. We would like you to tell your story, and provide other users and prospects with insight into the rewards and benefits that Exact Event Manager brings to the Exact solution stack and potentially to your business. When I say “Story”, I mean exactly that, in your own words. You have bragging rights over your successes and we would like very much to hear those stories and share them with a broader, global community.

If this is something that interests you, please contact me and we can get together and chat about what the program involves and what the benefits on your side are for joining such an important program.


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