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Exact Online Manufacturing sneak preview

Written by Pieter Hamans on . Posted in Exact Online

Last year Exact released online solutions for trade and for professional services. This year, we will add a solution for Manufacturing. Our development is in full swing and we are now able to explain in more detail what this solution is about and how the release process is planned.

Exact Online Manufacturing is a member of the Exact Online family and is therefore a multitenant SaaS solution that will allow you anywhere, anytime access through the Internet. Subscriptions have a monthly fee that includes usage of the software, support, and upgrades. Exact Online Manufacturing includes the functionality for financials and logistics of Exact Online Trade.

Our target customer is the small manufacturer with either (or both) fabrication activities and assembly activities. These activities will be typically customer order driven. Amongst our customers we will find both job shops and makers of repetitive products. Noteworthy is that we have developed Exact Online Manufacturing in cooperation with our customers. From early on in this project we have invited customers with manufacturing activities for interviews about their business practice and their future needs. We have now reached the stage where we are showing our prototypes to this so called “innovation panel” for fine tuning.

Controlled release phase 1

Right in the summer we will start the controlled release with the job shop type customers. Typically we will find these in the metal, wood and plastic product industries. The emphasis will be on the process from quotation to delivery. The quotations are based on planned material use, cost of operations and subcontracted work. From a quotation/sales order we generate a shop order and purchase orders for materials and subcontractors. Visually attractive screens will assist in managing the jobs through the floor and in managing each individual operation. We will also be able to record the actual material use and cost, operation time and billing of the subcontractor. After calculation reports are available that that compare quote to actuals.

Controlled release phase 2

After the summer we start with the controlled release for the makers of repetitive products. These could be makers of machinery, electric equipment or so-called assembling wholesalers. The functionality that we focus on is based on a Bill-of-Materials (BOM) that describes the structure of the make product. From sales orders that contain such make products we can generate shop orders based on the BOM. All the functions that have been mentioned for phase 1 are of course already available.

Generally available

The full Exact Online Manufacturing offering is planned to become generally available by the end of 2012. Exact Online Manufacturing is planned for release in the Benelux.

Looking for controlled release customers

Exact is currently looking for controlled release customers. Interested parties may contact pieter.hamans@exact.com for more information.

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