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E-WMS in product update 404 – sneak peek on the new UI

Written by Wilfred Bossenbroek on . Posted in Exact Globe

With Exact Globe product update 404, E-WMS will offer a completely changed user interface (UI) for the hand terminal. Based on a direct feedback from our partners, the message for us was clear, E-WMS should look more trendy. Of course, E-WMS should also still be usable by the employees in the warehouse, so we paid attention to user feedback such as ‘too small texts’ and ‘tiny buttons’.

Along with a changed UI, we also included some UX (user experience, usability) enhancements. For example when choosing an item code in a browser list, you don’t have to confirm that item code anymore when returning to the main screen. It will be automatically selected for you.

Another UX change is replacing the READY and LINE READY button by one button: the STOP button. When pressing STOP, you will see a list of context sensitive choices of how you want to progress (or stop).

This new interface will require a new client on the hand terminal. This client app will cache objects on the device, in order to make the scanning experience smoother. The client is still told by an IIS server what to show, and also still requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5, so usage is intended for Windows CE and Windows Mobile. The current ERF client will still be supported (for now) but we expect and intend the new UI to be used by default.

Ok, by now you are certainly eager to see some screenshots; here we go. Please click here to view them. For comparison: on the left the current (old) UI, on the right the new UI. Please mind that those are not final screens, we still need to work on for example buttons naming.


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