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Exact Configurator – How we will handle support

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy


As I stated in my previous blog, I would come back to how we are planning to handle the support on the Exact Configurator tool, but also on how we will handle the support on  configured solutions.

The actual tool will of course be supported by our regular support department. This is support on how the tool works, not on creating your solution.

Questions support can answer are questions like “How do I create an entity?”.
They will not be able to answer questions like “I have a customer that has a notary firm, what entities will I need to support his process?”.
For these kinds of questions we have created a LinkedIn group, in which consultants across the border and across resellers can ask eachother on how one would create a solution for a process. (Exact Certified Configurator Consultants (E-3C))

Now, lets suppose one of our Exact (certified) partners has configured a solution for a customer in which he has extended the itemcard and created a new field on there that is called “Car” and refers to his own created entity “Cars”.

Since the configured software looks and behaves like standard software the customer is not aware of the fact that he has a configured solution installed and calls the Exact Support department because some kind of error is occurring on his itemcard.
Our support department currently would not know that this customer has a configured solution and will deny this customer support because in our standard software the field “Car” doesn’t even exist.

This would create a disappointed customer (he is not helped) and a frustrated support department (they can’t help this customer).

In order to capture this situation we have come up with the following solution. When a consultant deploys a solution, ready for customer use e.g. live implementation, the configurator software will start up a registration screen on the reseller portal.

In this screen we require the consultant to register the customer account, a brief description of the configured solution and an agreement to the general terms of Exact.

This will result into a request created in the Exact Database so that support can see that this customer has a configuration, by whom the configuration was created and can refer them to the support desk of the reseller.

The same process will apply for Exact Consultants who configure a solution. In the same way of creating Custom Solutions, the exact consultants are responsible for bringing back the configured solution to Exact and storing this so that the Exact Support department can refer this customer to the respective consultant, so that the customer will be helped.

Should you have any questions about this solution, do not hesitate to contact me at ruud.aalders@exact.com or add comments to this post.

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  • Gary@VCD


    Ruud, good initiative!


  • Anco@VCD


    Hi Ruud, in our joined effort supporting our customers this certainly will be helpfull.


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