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A medley of useful enhancements for deliverables and WBS in Exact PSA

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Event Manager, Exact Synergy

Now that we have covered deliverables and work breakdown structures as the means to manage scope and define the work in Exact PSA, there are a few additional small features that a project manager will benefit from.


First, all project managers need to see the progress of deliverables and specific activities from work breakdown structure as the project is getting done.

To address this need, Exact PSA retains a link from a WBS line to an hour planning or material allocation request. This allows it to display f all estimated, planned and approved (actual) hours or each activity line so that the project manager can see what the current status is.

Moreover, such linking opens the road to creating of all of new reports (for example project schedules via Gantt charts).


Second, our interviews with the customers confirmed that project managers often run projects very similar to the those that have been completed already in their organization. In such cases, recreating a full set of same deliverables and defining almost the same activities is a tedious job.

To save the project manager’s time, Exact PSA allows him to copy deliverables and WBS from an existing project to a new one.


Third, on fixed price projects managers often want to invoice per deliverable, and filling out all details of a new invoicing term request each time can quickly become unhandy.

To save the project manager’s time, Exact PSA allows him to create an invoice for a deliverable directly from the list of all deliverables on the project.


All these small enhancements are a part of the release 249/404 that will become generally available in the 2nd quarter of 2012.

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