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Source: http://www.northwestmilitary.com/news/fort-lewis-blog/2011/06/How-about-a-customer-service-job/

Service Management: Service Activities explained

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Service Activities explained

The service activity is used to register the whole process from entering the request until the invoicing. The service activity is an Exact Synergy Enterprise request with extra options. You can view the configurations of a customer, and choose the service that is required. In addition, you can create one service activity or multiple service activities.

In the service activity, you can register what needs to be done, including linking standard problems and standard solutions to help in the process. The service activity can be created automatically from the Exact Globe sales order screen, or by the preventive maintenance generator. It can also be created manually.

You have the option to select one engineer or more who will do the job, and when they will do it. However, it is more efficient to leave this blank, and use the dispatch board for the planning. On the dispatch board, you will have a bucket with all the to-be-planned service activities, and you can use the drag-and-drop feature to plan which engineer(s) will be working on that date. You will be able to view the relevant information, which you can customize, so planning for the right engineer at the right time will be faster and easier.

You can also plan for the items that are required for the service activity, which can be pre-filled from the contract. Discounts can be used for the contracts. When planning the items required, stock information from Exact Globe is visible, and the stock is automatically planned in Exact Globe so the purchase orders can be generated or available stock can be allocated.

The engineer can realize the hours and used items based on the planned activities. After authorization, the invoice can be created. When the invoice is sent from Exact Globe, the detailed documents from Exact Synergy Enterprise will be automatically printed or emailed. This will all be in the Exact Synergy Enterprise software, and integrated in all the relevant master data and menu paths.

Okay, enough talk, you can watch the video and see for yourself by clicking the image below:

Source: http://www.northwestmilitary.com/news/fort-lewis-blog/2011/06/How-about-a-customer-service-job/


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Comments (3)

  • Stefan Myers


    Hi Robin

    A couple of questions if I may?

    1. Does the engineer have to have internet connectivity to complete his visit or can he do this off-line in the event of no signal or wifi? The sync his work when required?

    2. What happens if a visit overuns? do subsequent visits alter and flag as an issue? maybe all visits wont be completed in the day?



  • Robin den Buurman


    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for reading the blog, hope you liked it. So to come back on your questions:

    1. In the initial release of the solution the engineer indeed needs to have internet connectivity to realize or gather information on the service job. We have some very nice plans on this topic but i am not ready to share them just yet…stay tuned.

    2. If the service jobs overruns or cannot be completed the original planning remains, the planner should adjust his planning for example via the planboard. They often know what (subsequent) kind of jobs can be moved and which ones cannot.



  • Nike Løbesko


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