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Exact Integration – Monitoring integration

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

Hi all,

Environments are getting more and more complex these days. As a system administrator you see yourself faced with many challenges of keeping important data up to date in all enviroments.

As Exact we have two main products which are many times seen in one enviroment. Exact Synergy Enterprise for your front office, web browser application and Exact Globe as your back office system.

Of course you want to keep your data in line between Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise and you don’t want to run extensive scripts to keep your data synchronized.

We anticipated this situation and released the product of Exact Integration. This product basically communicates between Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe, keeping the data aligned.

However, since these are two different products with their own history, often they have their own validation to make sure the individual product data is guaranteed.

As Exact Integration communicates between the two main products the data entered in each system will be validated by both products. And sometimes, data entered into one product does not meet the requirements for the other product.

In order to facilitate in keeping your data entry correct, we have created a background monitor which allows you to see the results of the validation, enabling you to correct this data and keep the data between the products synchronized.

In the System-Report-Background Monitor menu in Exact Synergy Enterprise the administrator can see the results and take action if necessary.

In this monitor you see, besides the failed synchronization, also when your synchronization went well. The results are consolidated from your middleware database that you have created upon installation of Exact Integration.

Should you have any questions about this solution, do not hesitate to contact me at ruud.aalders@exact.com or add comments to this post.

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