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Incoming Invoice Register: Improvements 247

Written by Robin den Buurman on . Posted in Exact Globe, Exact Synergy

As of product update 247 we made some changes that are specially targeted at the incoming invoice register for Exact Synergy Enterprise users. For example you can now have the project assigned in the incoming invoice register in Exact Globe which then will also be referenced in the incoming invoice request in Exact Synergy Enterprise. In order to use this feature you must make sure the project code exists in both Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe. This is handy to specify for which project the incoming purchase invoice applies. You can find the specific release note on this topic here.

Also, when you report VAT in Exact Globe for a specific period, if there are unauthorized pending invoices for that period, the request in Exact Synergy Enterprise will get an automatic remark. The remark will tell the financial controller that in case the incoming purchase invoice is rejected a credit note for that invoice should be filed in order to balance the reported VAT. More information can be found here.

Feedback from you, our customers and partners, also indicated that many incoming invoice users would like to be able to delegate their work when on vacation. This was in the past only possible for users that had the Professional role next to the Incoming Invoice Role. As of product update 247 we also made the delegation functionality available for IIR role users so no need for the Professional role anymore. Read about it here.

And last but not least, many Incoming Invoice Register role users indicated that, although they could see the account name, there wasn’t a quick way to get to the account contact information if the Incoming Invoice Register role user didn’t have any other role than the incoming invoice one, like CRM or Professional role. In order to solve this issue we made a basic account card which contains the basic contact information and the contact persons which is available to all Exact Synergy Enterprise users. This specially benefits the Incoming Invoice Register users since they now can click on the account name in the request and get contact information like phone numbers, immediately. More information on this can be found here.

As you can see, as of product update 247 we have made the life of the Incoming Invoice Register user just a little bit easier. Hope you all like it!

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Comments (3)

  • Gary@VCD


    In many cases the budgetholder has to decide which project the invoice applies to. Now, if he alters the projectcode in the Synergy request, will this result in the same change in Globe?


    • Robin den Buurman


      Thanks for the feedback. Currently, the Incoming Invoice Register functionality is soley based on the approval of the incoming invoice in Synergy and not the editing of the financial representation. I understand that there is a wish on this area and have noted it down in our future enhancements list. Thanks for reporting!



  • invoice


    It is good that they added the account contact information feature. Users can now be easily tracked with just a click.


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