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First step to support SDK on the new design of Exact Synergy

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Synergy

I am very glad to announce that in the next product update 248 (planned for January 2012), we are making a first step to support SDK on the new design of Exact Synergy. SDK is supported on the following elements:

  1. Mega menu
  2. Top right menu
  3. Search entities


This means for instance that you can add (company specific) menus, adjust the content of menus, add entities to the search bar and so on. Of course, in the documentation we will describe all the possibilities in detail. For product update 249, planned to be available mid-2012, our main focus is SDK support on the cards. At the moment we are doing research on the best approach.

What else can you expect in product update 248? I will give you an overview of the highlights:

  • We offer style sheets to change the theme of the new design, which can be controlled by the administrator;
  • Your company logo can be shown in the left upper corner (height is maxed at 35 pixels);
  • ‘Add new’ button in the Documents and Requests tabs, so that you can quickly create new documents and requests, where some details are already prefilled. For instance if you click on ‘Add new’ in the Documents tab of an Account card, the account is already linked to the document;
  • Administration page for users with administrator rights to setup Exact Synergy settings;
  • You can now offer to every employee a company startpage, which appears in the dashboard container. The startpage opens automatically when the user logs in.

If you have any feedback on the new design of Exact Synergy, please use the ‘Feedback on our new design’ button which you can find in the top container. Your feedback is very valuable. We use it to make our product even better!

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  • Gary@VCD


    Please, give us more space to put in the company logo! Only logo’s of companies like PriceWaterHouseCoopersErnstAndYoung fit within 35 pixels height…


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