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Exact Online Time & Billing is available!

Written by Michiel Dorjee on . Posted in Exact Online



We are happy to announce that since last week, Exact Online Time & Billing is commercially available! You can take a trial subscription if you like. I’ve been involved with the development of Time & Billing since the very beginning, so I hope you will understand I consider this launch as an important one.
We aimed ourselves at small Consultancy companies who face these kind of challenges:

  • Administrative burden
  • Insufficient insight in actuals
  • Time entry … who actually likes that?

So, we developed a Time & Billing solution, as part of Exact Online. Exact Online as a platform means hassle-free 24/7 access from anywhere to your administration, based on a monthly fee.
Time & Billing means:

  • Consultants can enter their hours easily (via the Exact Online iPhone app or in Exact Online itself).
  • The entrepreneur or an employee can process the hours into invoices that make sense and get insight in actuals that help in steering the company.
  • Important to mention is that Time & Billing is fully integrated with a Financial administration (included in the proposition).

We developed this solution in close collaboration with over 20 pilot customers in the consultancy business, who gave their feedback and upon which we improved the solution even further.
Crucial to add is that we will keep on improving this solution in the coming year, so please, do let us know your opinion. And don’t forget to take a trial subscription.

Comments (4)

  • Huub


    We were very glad with this new functionality.

    Last month we started to use this functionality with 20 employees. Here are our first experiences:

    We created a project for every assignment. We expected that the project would be the central place to register all related information about the assignment (contact customer for this assignment, hourly rate, reference information from our customer).

    Now it seems that it is not possible to automatically transfer information (e.g. customer purchase order nr. / customer project nr / comments /…) from the project card to the invoice. This info needs to be added manually every time for every invoice.

    Furthermore we need to create a new article for every hourly rate. We expected that the rate could be filled in the project card, independant from the articles.

    Last but not least, is there a way to adjust the layout from the timesheet? Most customers require manually signed timesheets. it would be great if we could adjust the print layout (colours and logo would be great). It would be terrific if you could provide functionality to manually upload the signed en scanned document and keep it attached to the invoice!

    I am not a great expert on this matter. Our accountant has studied the solution and this are our joint experiences. Please advise… are we missing anything or is this room for improvement?


  • Woyzeck Lie


    Hi Huub,

    Please allow me to open our kitchen to you and show to all readers how your feedback fits in our cooking.

    The project today can be used as the central place to store all of your information about the assignment. You can for example link documents. What I as a product owner like to see improved is for customers like you to be able to automatically attach information to the invoice. Later this year we will make this possible for time specifications, in a fully customizable layout. However, what you can do today already is print the project code/description on the invoice.

    About the rates, what is possible already is to create a rate per project. Thing is that indeed it cannot be done via the project card, a suggestion I’m sure other customers like as well. So thank you for that. Today it can be done in another central place, in the hourtype card. Here you can give in an additional rate per project and/or employee and/or customer. This was actually one of the first improvements we made last year based on pilot customer feedback in our pilot phase with over 20 customers.

    Thanks for your feedback. I’m happy we could help you right away when calling you and I’m looking forward to our planned meeting.

    If there’s any other feedback from anyone else, please feel free to share it as well.


  • Danny


    It would be great if the ability to write timesheets by consultants would also be added to the Android version.

    I’m sure that would make a lot of users happy.


  • Woyzeck Lie


    Hi Danny,

    thank you for your input. The Android version should have the same functionality as the iPhone version. Time entry is supported on both for a very long time.
    If you can enter time via the iPhone app, but not via the Android app, please contact the support department.



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