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Access rights for accountants in client administrations

Written by Robert Huberts on . Posted in Exact Online

Last Sunday we made a new Exact Online release available. This release contains a lot of new functionality – have a look at the announcement for some highlights. For accountants we introduced the Scanning service and some new overviews that I already blogged on in an earlier post. In this blog I want to explain an important change we implemented in the new release involving the collaboration connection between accountant and client.

The collaboration between accountants and clients is one of the cornerstones of Exact Online. Corporations that have their own Exact Online subscription can collaborate with their accountant by connecting to them within Exact Online. This will allow the accountant to have access to the client administrations to view and check the transactions. It also allows the accountant to perform certain tasks in the administrations, like creating and sending the VAT declaration.

Looking at the way the collaboration  between client and accountant is established and the feedback we received from accountants, it was clear that some changes had to be made to this functionality. The goals of these changes are to put the responsibility to perform certain tasks with the right users and to give the accountant more control over the process.

When a client defined the cooperation in the “Link to my accountant wizard” he used to get the page where he had to select one or more employees of the accountant that would get access to the administrations. Only the client could grant access to accountant users – the accountant always had to ask the client. This is not very efficient as there is little chance that the client actually knows the accountant employees and who should get access. Besides this, it is the accountant who in the end determines who should get access to a certain client administration. Depending on the agreement with the client it could be a financial or payroll administrator or a partner that needs access.

To make assigning users to administrations easier for both the client and the accountant we removed the step in the “Link to my accountant” wizard where accountant users are granted access to administrations. All accountant users with the ‘maintain rights’ role are now given access to the administrations by default. These users are always informed of the new administration access by a request in their workflow. They can then further assign other users access rights to the client administrations. Because workflow requests are created, the user that establishes the accountant link should have the rights to create workflow requests.

We also introduced the option for the accountant to indicate a user as account manager for the client. The client will be able to see who is their account manager in the accountant cockpit.

Although we mentioned it in the release notes, it is not yet possible to validate a client before activating the collaboration. We are putting the finishing touches to this functionality and plan to make this available later this week. When it becomes available I will also write a post to explain the new functionality.

If you have any questions or remarks let us know in the comments or send me an e-mail (robert.huberts@exact.com)

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