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Rafiki’s Corner – Exact Event Manager 1.8 – Coming to a Network Near You!

Written by Sander van Triet on . Posted in Exact Event Manager

Lights, Camera, Action …… Exact Event Manager 1.8 is coming to town. This action packed release is full of wonder and tricks, that will keep you glued to your keyboard and computer screens as you move from feature to feature. This time, the release goes to the matresses and delivers and inspiring performance as you feel the need for speed!! Effective today, Wednesday October 12, 2011, Exact Event Manager is in Regional Verification Testing, where the regions have the red carpet rolled out in this star studded week, providing the ability to preview and test all those new features that were previously mentioned.

Once this action packed week is concluded, Exact Event Manager 1.8 will be placed into the spotlight for further prime time viewing with the commencement of Controlled Release, on Monday October 17, 2011. Tickets are limited for this two week event, so please hurry up and secure your front row seat by having a CR Request (231) created and approved, gaining you access to all the action. This target rich environment will not disappoint.

Just to review what is in this box of chocolates…..

  • Simple Grouping
  • Tables in emails
  • Support for Stored procedures
  • Creation of Projects in Synergy Enterprsie
  • Creation of Accounts in Synergy Enterprise
  • Creation of Resources in Synergy Enterprise
  • General Enhancements in the Rich Text Editor
  • Alert Summary Screen
  • Queue (Run) Now Option
  • Integration within Exact Globe Next for those specific users

So, hang on to your hats boys! Keep watching news pages and blogs for all the latest updates on this release that was born to stand out!

Till later then….

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  • Henry


    Does anyone know what type of application HSBC develops?


  • Jamie


    Hi Henry

    Randon question? what do you mean?


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